Temple B’nai Israel, founded in 1903, continues to be the thriving center of Reform Judaism in Central Oklahoma. We are an inclusive, diverse congregation, welcoming all who wish to worship, study and develop cultural and social ties through the practice of Reform Judaism.


To be a vibrant center of Reform Judaism where members find meaning through spiritual practice, lifelong learning and social justice.


To create gateways to Jewish life that build a sacred community, affirm respect for all people, and nourish Jewish identity through the three pillars of Judaism: Torah (Learning); Avodah (Spiritual Practice); and Gemilut Chasadim (Acts of Kindness).

Together we are guided by core Jewish values:

B’tzelem Elohim – In God’s image

Lev Tov /Nedivut– A generous heart and spirit

K’vod Habriyot – Respect for all people

Kehilla Kedoshah – Creating a sacred, spiritual community

Torah Lishmah – Lifelong learning

Bakesh Shalom v’Rodfehu – Seek peace and pursue it

Brit Olam – Sustaining Jewish continuity

Tikkun Olam – Repairing the world

Adopted January 20, 2016