Purim Masquerade Ball for Adults
Saturday, March 11
6:00 pm Come Hear the Megillah
7:00 pm Dance Party
In the Book of Esther, we read that Purim is a time for “feasting
and merrymaking,” as well as for “sending gifts to one another and
presents to the poor”. In addition to reading the M’gillah, celebrants
dress in costumes, have festive parties, send baskets of food to
friends and give gifts to the poor. We will be doing all that and more.
For just $18 per person, you will enjoy a Mediterranean dinner,
adult beverages, music by DJ Jonathan and prizes for the costume
contest. RSVP at www.thetempleOKC.org by March 6.

RSVP for the Masquerade Party here:mask



Purim Carnival for Families
Sunday, March 12
10:00 am Come Hear the Story of Purim
10:30 am Purim Carnival in the Gym
11:30 am Festive Mac & Cheese Meal

Bring your family for a morning of fun celebrating Purim. Special
prizes for costume! Bring a box of mac & cheese for your gragger
as we listen to the story of Purim. Mac & cheese bar for lunch.
$5 per person. (children under 3 are free)

Click the grager to RSVP for the Purim Carnival for Families:Purimgrogger