Bimah Honors

If you would like to have Bimah honors on Shabbat, go HERE to let us know what you would like to accept as an honor. This information will be passed along to our Board of Trustees, who make the calls to invite Temple members to participate.
See you next Friday on the Bimah.


Temple B’nai Israel is a Beit Tefillah or House of Worship and all worship services are egalitarian.

Out of that commitment, women and men at Temple B’nai Israel are equally empowered to lead all services, and all adult members are counted in the minyan (prayer quorum).


Friday Evening Services – Shabbat Worship Services begin at 7:00pm on Friday evenings.

Mussar & Minyan – The first Shabbat of each month the rabbi offers a 9:00am Saturday morning class based on a Jewish moral virtue or “mussar” teaching. At 10:15am we have an informal Shabbat morning service or “minyan.” You are welcome to come just for class, or just for the service, or to both.

Sha’arei Shabbat – On the 2nd Friday of most months,we celebrate Sha’arei Shabbat or Gates of the Sabbath. On this Friday night we experience a Worship Service at 6:30 pm followed by a delicious dinner at 7:30 pm that we enjoy with family and friends, then an oneg and lots of fun activities for you and your family

Tot Shabbat – Geared towards Kindergarten age children & younger. We meet once a month on Saturday morning at 10:30 am, in the Esther Greenberg Chapel for singing and dancing, praying and playing. Janiece Gratch provides fun music and play for the little ones and their parents and then we share a Shabbat nosh together.

Blessing the Children
To bless a boy, a girl, or both.
Blessings for Life’s Moments
For a festive occasion, washing hands, eating bread, and lighting a memorial candle.
Morning and Bedtime Rituals for Children
Blessings for children to say upon waking, before eating, and before going to bed.
Shabbat Blessings
For candles, wine, and bread.